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You are invited to the centre of Finalnd, to the Iisalmi region and to Northern Lakeland! Welcome to relax ans experience the Finnish countryside in the middle of the forests and lakes of Lake Finland.

We offer events, experiences, and easy living in a rural setting with great services. Our jewels are the lakes of the Finnish Lakeland and pristine narure.

Iisalmiregion and Northern Lakeland is easy to reach by car or train.  The nearest airports are about an hour’s drive in Kuopio and Kajaani. It is about two and a half hours drive fron Oulu airport to Iisalmi

Arrival to Northern Lakeland

Here, you will enjou a rural lifestyle with easy access to the world beyong. Right on your doorstep are pristine nature and waters with all the opportunities they offer and a wide range of services when you need them.  Iisalmi region is located halfway when yous are on your way from Helsinki to Lapland. 

By car You can get from Helsinki, the capital of Finland, by driving directly along the 5-highway. The city of Iisalmi in the center of the region and by car, the trip takes about 5,5 hours.

Driving on Finnish roads is easy and there are few traffic jams.

There are four train stations in area.

Trains, flights, buses – tickets and timetables ??| Perille.fi

By plane

Finnair flies from Helsinki, capital of Finland, to Kuopio, to Kajaani and to Oulu. 

 Flights and flight tickets to over 80 destinations around the world | Finnair

Eurowings is launching a new direct winter route from Dusseldorf to Kajaani in winter 24/25. Eurowings operates this route on Saturdays from 18 January to 22 March 2025.



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